Can I recycle glass?

Yes, glass recycling has a monthly curbside collection service for an additional fee. 

Momentum Recycling provides Centerville residents the opportunity to subscribe to a monthly curbside collection of their glass. For just $8/month (plus a one-time fee of $25), residents receive their own 35-gallon grey cart specifically for collecting glass recyclables. 

All colors of glass bottles and jars are accepted, and there is no need to rinse with water or remove labels. Momentum Recycling provides the monthly collection service, and bills residents directly. This optional service is not included in resident's monthly Centerville City Utility Billing rates. 

What makes glass unique among other recyclable commodities (such as aluminum) is that it directly benefits Utah’s economy in that it is collected, processed, and used by local industry. Recycling glass helps create local jobs, extend the life of our landfills, and keeps waste disposal costs down.

Visit Momentum’s website to learn more and sign up for this service.

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1. Can I recycle glass?