2024 Ordinances and Resolutions

2024 ordinances

2024-03 Amending Section 8.03.085 of the Centerville Municipal Code regarding niche walls to add reference to the Veterans Memorial Niche Wall located in the Freedom Hills Park, amending Section 8.03.090 of the same regarding rights of burial, and enacting Section 8.03.094 of the same regarding the interment of infant or cremains

2024-02 Amending, renumbering, and codifying the Centerville City Impact Fees including the related Impact Fees Facilities Plans and Written Impact Fees Analyses for the Culinary Water Impact Fees, the Park Impact Fees, and the Storm Water Impact Fees

2024-01 Amending various provisions of Title 15 of the Centerville Municipal Code regarding City Subdivision Ordinances to address required and recommended changes to subdivision review processes and procedures in accordance with State Law amendments set for in SB 174 (2023)

2024 resolutions

2024-09 Amending City Council member appointments to districts, boards, and committees to add an appointment for the Audit Committee

2024-08 Amending the FY 2024 Budget of Funds and Accounts for Centerville City, Utah

2024-07 Amending Section 17.010 of the Centerville Fee Schedule regarding street and excavation permit fees to add a fee for petitions to vacate municipal or public utility easements

2024-06 Supporting and authorizing the submittal of an application to Davis County for the 2024 CDBG grant program to fund improvements to ADA pedestrian ramps

2024-05 Amending Section 6.010 of the Centerville Fee Schedule regarding Cemetery fees and enacting Section 6.015 of the same regarding Niche Wall and Veterans Niche Wall fees

2024-03 Appointing and designating City Council members to various districts, boards, and committees and appointing a Councilmember to serve as Mayor Pro Tem

2024-02 Appointing Gina Hirst as the City's representative to the Board of Trustees of the South Davis Sewer District

2024-01 Adopting the Annual Meeting Schedule for the Centerville City Council for the calendar year 2024