Budget & Financial Reports

Fiscal Year

Every year, the City Council approves a budget for the next fiscal year. The fiscal year (FY) for Centerville is from July 1 to June 30th of each year. Generally, the Council uses the first meeting in June to amend the current year’s budget to reflect realized revenues and expenditures and to pass the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Budget Documents

Document Details

In the provided documents, you will find:

  • Adopted Budget: this is the approved budget for the stated fiscal year
  • Budget Newsletter: written prior to the final budget approval that points out the main changes to the budget, explains projections for revenue, explains changes in expenditures, and explains any rate increases in either taxes or fees for service.
  • Proposed Budget Summary: a more detailed review of the proposed budget for the following fiscal year. It explains further issues to be addressed in the upcoming council meetings as the Council decides on the final changes and final budget.
  1. Financial Reports
  2. Risk Management